Understanding the platform

AbleOrganizer is a community engagement platform. It combines the power of a world-class content management system with sophisticated outreach and advocacy tools to provide a comprehensive solution for outreach and advocacy.

It helps to understand a few key concepts about the platform before getting started with the tools it offers.

The frontend, the backend and the CRM system

Within most websites, there is breakdown between pages belonging to the 'frontend' (a collection of public-facing pages) and the 'backend' (a collection of tools that are primarily administrative). In AbleOrganizer, you have a CRM section, which is a semi-private collection of screens concerned with managing information about contacts.

The CRM system contains a number of interfaces that make it possible to manage relationships with contacts. These include:

  • Dashboards, which provide an overview of activity in your AbleOrganizer site.
  • Contacts, which provide details about people, organizations and households tracked in your AbleOrganizer site.
  • Reports, which provide information about activities being tracked in your site.

You can access the CRM features within AbleOrganizer by going to the main CRM page. Each screen in AbleOrganizer's CRM system is designed to be easily extended and customized to the needs of your organization. The system includes a number of web-based administrative tools that allow you to customize the contents of each screen, and design new ones according to your own needs.

How contacts and content work together

The primary way you interact with contacts in AbleOrganizer is through forms. Forms are linked to content and used to collect information from contacts. They are used in a number of other ways as well, such as for processing payments, counting petition signatures, and the like.

If you have installed the sample content that comes with AbleOrganizer, you will find many examples of how to link forms and content together to make them easy to manage. There is a complete discussion about AbleOrganizer's form builder and how it works together with content in your site included in the documentation.

Building campaigns

AbleOrganizer was designed to act as a platform. It provides the tools necessary for building new and unique applications that extend the basic operations of the system in new and unique ways.

Donation, event, petition and volunteer functionality are features built to work within this platform. You can use these features out of the box to run your own website, or configure them to do new and interesting things. A complete discussion of each feature is included in this documentation, and the Power Users section provides guidelines for how to extend the system to tailor it to the style which best reflects your own organization.