Installing AbleOrganizer

This page explains how to work with AbleOrganizer and keep your system up to date.

How to get it

AbleOrganizer is open source software that is freely available for download from the Drupal website. This software will be continually improved and enhanced over time, and new updates will always be pubishled first to this page. So it's a good idea to monitor this page and keep an eye out for updates as they emerge. 

Downloading from Git

If you are interested in getting the latest, bleeding-edge version of AbleOrganizer, you can use the following commands to download a copy of the git repository.

git clone ableorganizer
cd ableorganizer
drush make build-ableorganizer.make [some subdirectory]

This will download a copy of the Drupal makefile for building the latest version of the platform. As with any ongoing development project, please be aware that some features in the latest versions of the system may not function exactly as expected, or could be entirely broken. If you suspect this is the case, you can always switch to an official release using the tags contained in the repository.

Downloading the individual components

You can also use the individual components of AbleOrganizer within an existing Drupal website. Each of the individual components within AbleOrganizer is maintained as its own separate project on, including CRM, fundraising, petitions, event and volunteer management (along with others that will emerge over time.) Simply download the relevant modules and turn them on in your Drupal website.

How to install it

With some minor exceptions, AbleOrganizer will run on any webserver capable of hosting a Drupal website. 

The process for setting up AbleOrganizer is identical to that of setting up Drupal.

  1. Put the code on your server
  2. Create a database for storing information (preferably MySQL)
  3. Run the web-based installer and select the options that are right for your organization.

AbleOrganizer is open source software covered under the terms of the GPL. You are free to set up as many copies as you choose. Even if you only plan to use this for your public website, it is almost always useful to create a copy for testing new features, typically on your local machine. 

How to keep it up to date

Updating AbleOrganizer or any of it's components should always be done by downloading the latest version from the official project page on Each new version will include instructions for how to update it.

It should be understood that AbleOrganizer is a distribution of Drupal, and you are free to install additional modules that allow you expand the basic capabilities of the system. If you are doing this, you are responsible for keeping those additional modules updated over time. This means you will need to understand what modules came with AbleOrganizer, and what modules you have installed yourself.

In general, the best way to do this is by keeping your modules within a separate physical path on the server. The modules for AbleOrganizer are always installed in the profiles/ableorganizer/modules directory. It is suggested any additional modules are installed in the sites/all/modules directory.