Configuring Payment Processors

In order to process payments through AbleOrganizer, you will need to configure one or more payment processors. The software is designed to support multiple payment processors that can be configured on a per-form basis. This means, for instance, you could set up separate accounts for receiving donations and funds for event registration.

How payment processing works

AbleOrganizer integrates directly with Drupal Commerce for processing payments, and it includes modules that all you to use and PayPal as payment gateways. The system should work with any payment gateways that are supported by Drupal Commerce. You can find a complete list here, which includes links for downloading the appropriate modules.

Heads up! The preferred method of processing payments in AbleOrganizer is using credit card gateways, which process payments without redirecting users to another site. Some redirected payment services may break some features within AbleOrganizer, such as sending thank you letters once a payment has been received. If you are running into trouble using your preferred payment processor, report it as an issue on the AbleOrganizer project page on

Once you have enabled one or more payment processors for use with your site, you are able to process payments from within forms. You have the ability to control what payment processors will be used on a per-form basis. For instance, if you wanted to use one processor for handling donations, and another for event registration, you can do this easily through the web-based interface. For that matter, if you wanted to create a new payment processor for every event, you can do that as well.

Configuring payment processors

There is a complete list of payment processors available for your site available from within the web-based administrative interface. By default, it will look something like the following screenshot:

[[{"fid":"7451b48e-a2ab-4844-b8b6-1433d895e6df","view_mode":"colorbox","fields":{"format":"colorbox","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Payment processor admin screen","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"Payment processor admin screen"},"tagName":"A","src":"undefined","type":"media","attributes":{"alt":"Payment processor admin screen","class":"colorbox media-element file-colorbox","title":"Payment processor admin screen"}}]]
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At the top of this page is a list of all payment processors that have been enabled. At the bottom, there is a list of payment processors that have been disabled. By default, support for is installed but not enabled within AbleOrganizer. You can enable support for by selecting the 'enable' option to the right of the title.

Once a payment processor has been enabled, you will want to configure the processor with your account settings, in order to ensure the processor knows where to deposit funds. Each payment processor has it's own unique settings screen for entering this information. For any payment processor, you can access the settings screen for the processor by clicking the edit link to the right of the name for the processor.

By clicking on that link, you will be taken to a new page that provides some controls for how processors work. For the purposes of configuring a processor, the only thing you will need to be concerned with are the controls for setting up the processor. Look for a block similar to the one included in the graphic below:

[[{"fid":"c59bfa69-73e4-48f4-b577-3537793ed0cd","view_mode":"colorbox","fields":{"format":"colorbox","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Processor settings screen","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"Processor settings screen"},"tagName":"A","src":"undefined","type":"media","attributes":{"alt":"Processor settings screen","class":"colorbox media-element file-colorbox","title":"Processor settings screen"}}]]

... and click on the link for editing the processor. This will take you to a page where you can enter your account information, along with other settings for the payment processor.

You can find complete documentation on for configuring the and PayPal payment processors.

Selecting payment processors

AbleOrganizer allows you to control the payment processor that is used for handling payments on a per-form basis. When you are creating a form, on the settings screen, you will see a box that looks like the following screenshot.

[[{"fid":"dec4ade5-eb59-49cf-826e-a5118d77c204","view_mode":"colorbox","fields":{"format":"colorbox","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Payment gateway selector","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"Payment gateway selector"},"tagName":"A","src":"undefined","type":"media","attributes":{"alt":"Payment gateway selector","class":"colorbox media-element file-colorbox","title":"Payment gateway selector"}}]]

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This box allows you to control the payment processor that is used for handling payments through this form. The 'Available Payment Processors' select box shows you a list of all the processors that are enabled for your website. You can choose any processor from this list, or the 'Select All' option to allow users to choose for themselves. This is very useful when you want to offer options for PayPal and traditional credit cards.

The other fields on this screen are used to control the fields used to process a transaction. The reason these are provided is that you may have a form that collects multiple names or addresses. These controls allow you to select the fields used when processing a payment, regardless of what fields are being collected in the form.

More information about creating forms can be found in the article about Creating forms in AbleOrganizer