Configuring AbleOrganizer

Once AbleOrganizer is installed, the next step is setting it up. Configuring the software is an easy process that is mostly carried out through web-based administrative interfaces. 

This is what the process looks like for configuring AbleOrganizer.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys reading the manual before diving in, there is an in-depth discussion of each configuration step. Please understand it's not necessary to carry out each and every one of these tasks, especially if you are simply evaluating the platform. But you can get the most out of AbleOrganizer by following these guidelines. 

  • General settings: Configure some of the general settings for your site.
  • Contact recordsSet up your contact records by editing the fields used to collect information.
  • Activity records: Set up your activity records to collect the information you want from your site.
  • Relationships: Set up your relationships to track the ones that are most important to you.
  • Sources: Set up the sources for various activities in your site.
  • Contact matching: Set up the rules for how duplicate contacts are identified in your website.
  • Payment processors: Set up one or more payment processors for handling donations and event registration.
  • Email settings: Set up your site for sending branded HTML e-mails.